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A Word from the Chair of Governors

I am very proud to have been elected Chair of the school's Governing Board.  The Full Governing Board meets at least three times a year and is responsible for overseeing the progress and improvement of the school.  We are, of course, helped and guided by our very able and experienced Head Teacher, Mrs Geldard and her staff. We have two working committees which deal with lots of detailed business, such as monitoring the school's finances, planning structural developments such as the internal re-organisation of the rooms and analysing the overall performance of the school.  All governors are members of one or both of these committees.

Our membership is a mixture of elected parents, school staff, Local Authority nominees and community representatives and, as a board, it embraces a varied and relevant range of skills and expertise. We have governors with business and management experience, banking and accountancy skills, legal and ICT expertise, a wealth of experience in education, finance and local government and, most importantly, governors who live locally and are long standing members of the local community.

The Governing Board is committed to supporting the Head Teacher and her staff in their continuing drive to raise standards in the school and to provide the best possible education for all of our children.  

A vital source of governor's knowledge of the school and how it operates comes from our visits to school, particualrly our 'nominated' governors who have been asked by the Governing Board to become familiar with and report back on particular aspects of the school's work.

Greg Adam 

Chair of Governors​