At Lancaster Lane School, we recognise that regular attendance at school is very important to your child's education.  Children who attend every day enjoy school and learning more as well as achieve better.  

    Our school attendance target is a minimum of 95%​


 Click HERE to read our Attendance Policy. 

    Children's learning is severely disadvantaged by poor punctuality.  Your child should be in their classroom by 

    8.55am each day when the register is taken.  Lessons start promptly at 9am.

    If you are having problems getting your child to school on time please speak to your child's class teacher or a 

    senior member of staff.

​    If your child is too unwell to attend school, please phone the school office on 01772 433641.  Do not use Class 

    Dojo to report an absence.

    If we have not heard from you by 9.30am and your child is not in school, we will telphone you.  Ensure you have

    at least two in use mobile phone contact numbers on school records.

    Should we not be able to make telephone contact, a member of staff will carry out a home visit.  ​Should there 

    still be no reply, school will ask the police to carry out a welfare check to enure your child's safety.

    Mrs Geldard cannot authorise holidays during term time.  For all planned absences, parents are required to

    make an apoointmen tto speak to Mrs Geldard where the matter can be discussed and the appropriate 

    paperwork completed.  ​


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