At Lancaster Lane Community Primary School the children really enjoy planting, looking after and harvesting their own vegetables.  Mrs Gray, Miss Burke and Rita help the children at Gardening Club on Tuesdays after school.  In the last year we have been very busy and have grown broad beans, peas, cress, onions, garlic, carrots, rhubarb, radish, tomatoes, apples and strawberries and pumpkins.


We were so excited to harvest our rhubarb and use it to make trifle.  


Lots of the children were keen to make to make the trifle at home too!  Here is the recipe:

We love trying the food we have grown, for example we have made cress and egg sandwiches, a bean salad, garlic bread and apple crumble.  We have also been proud to sell our produce in order to raise money for further seeds. 

Here we are harvesting our beans and making a delicious bean salad!

We also get up to other fun things too!  We have hollowed and carved pumpkins, built scarecrows, held a campfire, made bird feeders and splashed in the mud and puddles too!



Recently, we applied for and won a grant from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme to help with our 'Give It Some Welly' project – it’s been very exciting researching and shopping for the things we would like to make our gardening club even better:

·       A greenhouse

·       New raised beds

·       Watering can

·       Garden carts

·       Topsoil

·       Gravel

·       A garden shed

During the summer term, we are asking families and friends of the school to help out as much as they can in setting up the new gardening area we have planned.

What Is Coming Up This Term in Gardening Club?

Autumn Term 1


Pick apples and make a crumble

 Weed beds

Plant honeysuckle climbers in Belfast sink containers

Sow cornfield seeds


Plant daffodil, crocus and hyacinth bulbs

Tidy shed and clean gardening equipment



Harvest potatoes and make potato and leek soup


Sow onion and garlic sets



Autumn Term 2


Plant raspberry/blackberry canes



Harvest pumpkins, carve them and make pumpkin soup


Plant tulip bulbs

Decorate garden thermometers to take home


Make Christmas centrepieces to take home





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