Online Safety

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    Click here to view information about safeguarding and child protection, including our polices.

    Every class in school discusses with the children how to keep safe online.

    Our Online Safety Policy can be read here. ​  Our EYFS Online Safety policy can be read here.


    CEOP Reporting Button


    Please click on the following links to visit websites where information can be found about what you can do to

    keep your child safe online:​


   Keeping Young Children Safe Online​

   NSPCC Net Aware

   Google - advice on how to protect your family online


   Lots of up-to-date and easy to read information can be found in the Digital Parent Guide Magazine


   The Safer Internet Centre helps parents to set parental controls on smartphones and tablets ​​

   Child Safety Online (Knowthenet)​​

   Top tips when allowing children to play online games:

    Check the Age Rating of the Game - Just like with films, you should check the games age rating before 

    allowing your child to play. 

    The organisation ‘PEGI’ set age ratings for games and classify their content according to what is appropriate 

    for different age groups. 

    Limit the amount of time your child is spending on games. Some games are online worlds which never end 

    and it can take hours to complete missions. 

    It is important to limit the amount of time your child spends online. Be aware of how long they spend gaming 

    and set rules, just like you would when watching TV. 

    Ensure they take regular screen breaks, 5 or 10 minutes for every 45-60 minutes. 

    Things can go wrong when gaming and many games now have an online chat facility. 

    It is important that your child knows what to do when something does happen, or when someone says 

    something they don’t like. Make yourself and your child aware of how to block or report people​.

    Set parental controls - come into school and ask for help and advice if you are not sure. ​