Pupil Premium

The Department for Education (DfE) ​requires schools to publish information about how they plan to use their Pupil Premium Funding.

The terms of the funding are very broad.  The grant is allocated into two parts which are:


     Pupil Premium for pupils ​known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) in any of the previous six years and 

     for service children in maintained schools


     Pupil Premium for looked after children and pupils eligible for FSM in any of the previous six years in 

     non-mainstream settings.

Lancaster Lane School's actual allocation for 2017 -18 was £34,580  based on 19 pupils receiving PP funding with an additional 5 pupils eligible for PP+

    Pupil Premium Strategy

The school's Pupil Premium Strategy for 2017-18 shows how much we receive through the Pupil Premium funding and how we will spend it to address the barriers that are faced by eligible pupils.This can be read here.

It also incudes the rationale behind our chosen approaches and how we will measure the impact of our work.​

Click here to read a review of how the school spent our Pupil Premium Funding in 2016-17 ​ and the impact it had. 


     Pupil Premium Policy

Click here to read our Pupil Premium Policy.

     Further Information

Click here to read further information about Pupil Premium Funding from the government's website. 



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