At Lancaster Lane we strongly promote positive behaviour management. We treat all the children as individuals and listen to what they have to say.


We encourage the children to think for themselves and give them strategies to manage their own behaviour.


If incidents occur, we speak to everyone involved and work together to restore and resolve the situation.


Through assemblies, circle times and thought of the week the children are taught to question and take account of their actions in situations. Our pupil attitude questionnaire tells us none of the children feel bullied in school and the vast majority are very happy to come to school.


Every Friday afternoon we have Golden Time to celebrate the fantastic behaviour and attitudes of the children. We are proud of our children's behaviour in school and we firmly believe that all children start each week having Golden Time as a reward on a Friday afternoon.  However, there are some occasions when the children let themselves down by making poor choices in their behaviour.  As a consequence, they will have to have time out from Golden Time.  This year, school staff will deal with sanctions any minor behaviour issues within the daily class settings but if a child's behaviour has been more serious, they will miss ALL of Golden Time that week and spoend the entire sesion with Mrs Geldard. 

   The staff are running the following activities during Golden Time this term: ​DVD (Mrs Ward), Chill-out (Miss 

   Marsden), Traditional Playground Games      (Mrs Gray), Jewellery Making (Miss Hegarty), Disco and Karaoke

  (Miss Haywood), Nerf (Mr Wood),  Outside Sports (Mr Johnson) and iPads and Kindles (Mrs Mills). 



'Pupils know that they are valued as individuals and that their views are listened to by staff.'

 - Ofsted Dec 2013





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