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Year 1



Children will develop knowledge of food by grouping food items into categories and exploring food through their senses. They will prepare food using cutting, peeling and grating skills whilst developing their knowledge of healthy eating and the importance of hygiene. 



Construction and Structures

Children will build a structure using a variety of model making materials such as cardboard boxes and construction kits like Lego. They will explore how to securely join items using resources such as tape, glue and staples. They will regularly test their ideas to find the most successful way to build their structure and solve problems.



Year 2


Construction and Mechanisms

Children will design and make a model vehicle with wheels and axels. They will learn the skills of cutting using a template and sawing dowel with a hacksaw. They will think about how to make their structure strong and secure whilst repeatedly testing and making improvements.




Textiles and Sewing

Children will explore a variety of fabrics and consider how they could be decorated by attaching buttons, beads and sequins. They will join fabrics using simple stitches, glue and staples so they can design and make a bag or purse.



Year 3


Construction Materials and Computer Aided Design

 Children will explore existing packaging and develop their own structures to create new types of packages. They will begin to learn that ICT can be used to control products and will be given the opportunity to practise these skills.       



Children will further their knowledge of food by discovering where food comes from and the seasons it will grow. They will learn about making healthy eating choices by examining the Eatwell Plate and by preparing food using a range of cooking techniques.



Year 4



Children will find out how to make a variety of electrical circuits and use them to control lights and buzzers. They will then incorporate their own successful circuits into a designed model to solve a 

problem for a specific user.



Construction and Materials

Children will be making and designing a pop-up book using a variety of mechanisms.

They will think about entertaining their audience in Spanish whilst learning about moving pictures.



Year 5


Textiles and Sewing

Children will produce a 3D product with fabric after developing knowledge of patterns, 

 seam allowance and methods of joining fabrics. They will learn to combine fabrics in a 

useful way and to make quality products.



Children will develop an idea in depth by researching existing products and testing a variety of ideas. They will explore mechanical systems such as cams, pulleys and gears, which they will then incorporate into their own designed products. They will evaluate their products to identify strengths and weaknesses and therefore make improvements. 



Year 6



Children will prepare mainly savoury dishes taking into consideration nutritional properties and sensory characteristics. They will work safely and hygienically to combine a widening range of ingredients using a selection of cooking techniques. Children will identify and discuss the influence of well-known chefs on people’s decision making in relation to food and in the promotion of healthy eating.




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