At Lancaster Lane we aim to provide the children with an experience of geography that is both valid and stimulating. At key stage 1 we aim to help children develop an understanding of the local environment and the people who live and work in it. At key stage 2 we encourage an understanding of other localities in the U.K. and beyond. Throughout the school we help children to develop geographical skills especially those including the use of maps and fieldwork techniques. Last year we were able to make site visits which thoroughly enhanced our children's experience and understanding.  Year 3 enjoyed their fieldtrip to Blackpool, Y5 visited the Ribble Estuary Discovery Centre and Y6 went to the Leyland Waste Centre.  In May 2016 we celebrated Geography with a fantastic special week on Brazil and the Olympics.



Curriculum Overview

Each year group covers the following areas of geography:


Year 1

School Area

UK - Countries & ​Capital Cities


Year 2

Non-European Study - Contrast with Africa

Continents, Oceans & Poles

Year 3

 UK Regions - Mountain, Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Counties & Cities of the UK​


Year 4

Countries of Europe

UK Regions - Waterways & Watercycle​


Year 5


The Hemispheres, Longitude, Lat​itude & Time Zones


Year 6

European Country Study - Contrast with Spain

Local Area - Leyland​


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