ICT is an increasingly important aspect of the world in which we live. Throughout the school the children's ICT skills are taught as a discrete subject and as a support to other areas of the curriculum.  It is also used as a cross-curricular tool. Pupils make substantial use of computers in everyday lessons. They are encouraged to communicate their work in a variety of forms. As each child progresses through school the software develops in complexity and range. Pupils are able to use the internet as a resource for their work.  Where appropriate equipment and computer software is used to enhance their learning.

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At present we have a large interactive whiteboard and a bank of standalone PCs in each classroom and access to a set of ipads and a set of Kindle Fires.  All classes have access to roamers, Beebots and magnifiers.


Please read our Online Safety Policy:

   We teach the children about keeping safe online and are always willing for parents to come in 

   and ask us for advice about doing the same at home.​ Please click on the links below for useful infomation.






Zak in Year 5 using his ICT skills made 'a life cycle of a Lynx' powerpoint


Year 2 followed the adventures of Smartie the Penquin to learn how to stay safe online using their very own sock puppet.





Peter  Ralphs - ICT Technician 




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