Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) education is a planned, developmental programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future. At Lancaster Lane, as part of a whole-school approach, we ensure that PSHE education develops the qualities and attributes our pupils need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.


PSHE education at Lancaster Lane equips our pupils to live healthy, safe, productive, capable, responsible and balanced lives. It encourages them to be enterprising and supports them in making effective transitions, positive learning and career choices and in achieving economic wellbeing. A critical component of our PSHE education is providing opportunities for children and young people to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes and explore the complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they encounter now and in the future.


To compliment our personal, social and moral education we follow the PSHE Association Programme of Study. The Programme allows us to fulfil our statutory responsibility to safeguard children, support their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. It is split into three core themes:

·         Relationships

·         Health and Well Being

·         Living in the Wider World

Each core theme is revisited twice throughout the year, through discreet teaching sessions, and also through cross curricular links.


Our ​yearly overview for PSHE throughout Key Stages One and Two is as follows: 




During our last Ofsted inspection, this area was judged to be outstanding. It is something we pride ourselves in continually and it is a real strength of the school. In our pupil and parental questionnaires, a vast majority of the children (almost 100%), are very happy at school. To celebrate the excellent behaviour of the children, we have a weekly Golden Time. This is on a Friday afternoon and all the children are able to access a range of fun-filled activities with a member of staff. We operate a warning system,  whereby anyone who has three warnings will miss 5 minutes of Golden time and have a meeting with Mrs Geldard. Incidents deemed to be more serious would mean an instant loss of 5 minutes and a meeting with the Head or Deputy.


Our current Golden Time activities are: 


Roller blading/skating - Miss Watson and Mrs Foden

Sport - Mr Wood and Mr Johnson

DVD - Mrs Ward​

Nerf - Miss Hegarty and Mrs Welsh

Games and Jigsaws - Mrs Jones and Mrs Yardley

ICT - Mrs Mills

Disco - Mrs Gray

Karaoke - Miss Fowler​

Jewellery - Mrs Parkin​

Time out - Mrs Geldard




Click the links below to view our PSHE Policies:


Drugs Policy

Behaviour Policy

PSHE Policy




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