Our School Council meets most weeks on a Friday. Two children are chosen twice a year from Y1-Y6 to be councillors and a different teacher runs the School Council each year. Look out for the School Council display. 


This year, Mrs Clements (below) is helping to run the School Council.




The School Council themselves are responsible for the content of this page. Please see below for the minutes of our meetings.




What have we been up to so far last year?


 - We organised for the children to design their own Christmas cards and the profits went to School Funds to help pay for all of our baking ingredients

 - We took part in Wear a Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children

 - The School Council is thinking about ideas for our Special Week

19th June 2017 Meeting

      20th February 2017 Meeting     

      23rd January 2017 Meeting

     16th January 2016 Meeting

     5th December 2016 Meeting

     28th November 2016 Meeting

     21st November 2016 Meeting

     7th November 2016 Meeting

     17th October 2016 Meeting​

     9th October 2016 Meeting

     19th September 2016 Meeting​



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