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School uniform gives the children a feeling of 'belonging' and it removes from the parents the problem of choosing clothes for their children to wear in the mornings.


School uniform with the school logo on can be purchased online from 


Alternatively, navy blue sweatshirts can be bought locally. Children can wear white T-shirts or polo shirts.


Trousers, tailored shorts or skirts should be black.  Pinafores should be black. Please make sure your child wears shoes that are sensible for school.


Our PE kit consists of black shorts / tracksuit bottoms, a white t-shirt and a navy or school sweatshirt.   

    Children should come into school wearing their PE kit (white or black trainers, black bottoms,

    white t-shirt and a school sweatshirt) on the days their class has PE. 




   Year 6 wear their leavers'  hoodies from the last day of SATs onwards - they have an individual choice of colours​.



PLEASE make sure you write your child's name in all articles of clothing.