Here you will find a table containing a list of the sporting events that we are taking part in this year at Lancaster Lane. We will endeavour to update the events page regularly so that you are able to follow how our teams have done. Remember that sporting results are also published as part of the weekly newsletter.

Event Additional Information Results
Football League Football League Results (external website)

A group of children from Y5-6 have been selected to represent

our school in the football central venue league this year.

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High 5 League High 5 League Results (external website)

A group of children in KS2 have been selected to play in this central venue league which runs in the Autumn and Spring term.

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KS1 Boccia and Kurling


An event for children in Y1 and Y2 to experience 

Boccia and Kurling at Clayton Green Sports Centre

The KS1 children participated with enthusiasm and

learnt about a new sport that they had never played before.

KS2 Boccia Competition


A competitive event for children from Y3-6 at Clayton Green sports centre playing Boccia. 6 children can be selected to represent our school. Our team of 5 children played 5 games against other schools. The children won 4 and lost 1 but were crowned the overall champions as they had amassed the greatest number of points. A huge congratulations to these children!
Y3/4 Sportshall Athletics


An athletics based inter-school competition held at Holy Cross. A team of up to 30 children compete in a range of activities where they earn points for their final ranking and the team with the greatest number of points continues onto the level 3 games competition. We took a team of 17 boys and girls to this competition. The children performed incredibly well and achieved a total of 240 points which meant that we were the overall champions! We are now through to the next round in January!
Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics


An athletics based inter-school competition held at Holy Cross.

A team of up to 30 children compete in a range of activities where

they earn points for their final ranking and the team with the greatest number of points continues onto the level 3 games competition.

This event was rearranged meaning that only three teams competed to go through to the next round. The team of 19 children were fantastic and came second in the competition. We are awaiting news as to whether or not we are through to the next round of competition.
 Y5 Handball Competition


This competition is organised as part of the Chorley Legacy programme and it is the first time that we have taken a team of year 5 children. Eight children have been selected based on their overall performance during P.E. sessions.  Our team performed admirably during this event where they won, lost and drew a game. This is a relatively new sport for us to take part in at Lancaster Lane and we will seek to develop these skills for future competitions.
 Y3/4 Sportshall Athletics


Our team won the preliminary heat which took place in December. This is the final round of competition in which the winning team will be chosen to participate in the Lancashire School games in Blackpool later in the year.   As always, we performed valiantly at this event. Our overall standing was 10th out of 25 schools. The level of competition was much greater at this final event and, barring a few slip-ups, we had improved since the qualifying rounds. Well done, everyone that took part!


A dodgeball event just for children to have fun, not competitive and in which up to 6 children can take part from years 4,5,6. the venue is still TBC. This event proved to be a lot of fun and also a great challenge. During many of the games our children were in a winning position and were dealt cruel blows by some very able dodge-ballers! We are going to build on our successes this year and hope to challenge for the title next year.
Y1/2 Gymnastics


Gymnastics event to be held at flic flac Gymnastics Academy for the years 1 and 2. Five children to be chosen for this event. We took a team of Year 1 children to this event as they had been practising and performing the set routine as part of P.E. sessions. The children all did themselves proudly and showed great commitment, control and positivity throughout the event.
Y3/4 Gymnastics


Gymnastics event to be held at flic flac Gymnastics Academy for the years 3 and 4. Five children to be chosen for this event. The competition was fierce this year and, due to restrictions on participants, we gave a group of children a chance to try and event which is different to many others. The children really enjoyed the sprung floor and once again, did themselves and our school proud.
 Table tennis


 Round robin competition against other schools from around the area. 4 children from year 6 to take part.  With very limited practise, the children gave a wonderful account of themselves at the table tennis competition. There were clearly a number of children who played on a regular basis and our children held there own in many of the individual battles. 
 Futsal FA cup

 Round robin group stage with winners progressing to a knockout competition. A squad of 7 children will be taken. The boys showed a lot of grit and determination at this event where they were losing in every game but managed to not lose any! They drew 1:1, 2:2 and 3:3. This is a positive outcome for us all and something to build upon in the future. 
KS2 Cross Country


A cross country event to take place on Astley hall for the whole of KS2. Year 3 and 4 girls will race against other schools from the district, same applies for the year 3 and 4 boys. In year 5 and 6 it takes place at the same time racing against there own age. The team of girls and boys ran their socks off at this competition! It was an extremely chilly day where many layers were needed. Although we were unable to place in the top 3 for the team events, Ethan Ingram won the boys Y5/6 race by some distance. He showed great fight and desire to beat the rest of the field.
 Squash Open


 Teams of 4 from year 6 will play competitive squash against other schools in a tournament format.  The children did brilliantly at this event and ended up coming away with a bronze medal.  Mrs Mills said that we were soo close to coming 2nd! 
 Euro 2016 Football championships


 Group Stage followed by a knockout stage will be played, the finalists will be invited to play the final on a different date at the Chorley FC ground.  A team of 9 children attended this tornament style competition and performed admirably. They won some of the group games but were eventually knocked out by a wonder goal in the first knock-out round. The team did fantastically well and should be proud.
Y5/6 Orienteering

An orienteering course will be set up at Astley park for the year 5 and 6 children to take part in. 12 children can be chosen for this. We did not attend this event due to poor weather conditions.
Y3/4 Tri golf


Trigolf event taking place at holy cross only for the years 3,4. Up to 10 children can be chosen for this event. For the second year running, a team made up of only Y3 children were successful and achieved silver medals in Tri golf. The children were very close to winning gold and would be able to try for gold next year if they really wanted to do so!
Y3/4 Tag Rugby Festival


A tag rugby skill festival to be held at Chorley panthers for the year 3 and 4 children. 11 can be taken to this event. A tricky competition which we took 8 children to. After Mr Wood took the children on a sightseeing tour of Chorley, the children learnt a new set of skills and grew into this competition with each game. This is definitely one for us to strive to achieve at in the future.
 Y3/4 Mini Tennis


 Mini Tennis to be held at Croston tennis club for years 3 and 4. We will be taking up to 4 children for this event. The 4 children were fantastic in this event, trying their best in every game and even winning a few of them. This is clear progress from last year where we were a little out of our depth. There are clear areas for us to work on and hopefully, next year, we will be more successful! 
Quad Kids



A Quad Kids event to be held at southland high school and for up to 10 children to take part in. We are still awaiting the final standings for the Y1/2 Quad kids event and the Y3/4 event was cancelled due to exceptionally heavy rain. I am sure that the children selected would have shone.


Rounders festival for years 5 and 6 to take part in competitive games again other schools around the area. To be held at Southlands high school. Miss Watson took these children to compete and they were successful in coming in second place, all receiving a silver medal for their efforts.
   KS1 Boccia event


An event for children in Y1 and Y2 to experience Boccia and at Clayton Green Sports Centre. Children learnt a new sport they had never played before and all said they had great fun and enjoyed it.
KS2 Boccia


A competitive event for years 3-6 to take part in at Clayton Green Sports Centre. Children can be picked to represent our school. Our team of 6 children competed hard to take home gold and finish in first place against 5 other schools. A huge achievement for the children!


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