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 Photo of Mrs Foden - TA

Mrs Foden

Works full time in Reception

 Photo of Amanda TA 


Works in Y2 full time

 Photo of Miss Farrington


Miss Farrington

Works in Y2 full time

She also manages  Stoppers After School Club Photo of Mrs Horne TA




 Photo of Mrs Anstey TA

Mrs Anstey

Works in Y6 full time

 Photo of Miss Haydock TA


Miss Haydock

Works  in Y5 Tuesdays, Wednesdays

    and Thursdays. ​



Photo or Mrs Ward HLTA

Mrs Ward


Works full time in Reception

 Photo of Mrs Jones TA

Mrs Jones

Works in Y1 full time

 Photo of Mrs Ingram - TA

Mrs Ingram

Works in Y1 every morning and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon

 Photo of Mrs Welsh TA

Mrs Welsh

Works in Y5 full time.


 Photo of Miss Burke TA

Miss Burke

Works in Reception every morning and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. 

 Photo of Miss Marsden TA

Miss Marsden

Works in Y3 all morning and carries out intervention groups every afternoon. 

She also works in Stoppers two nights a week

Photo of Mr Johnson Sports Apprentice

    Mr Johnson

    Works in all classes supporting PE

    Based in Year 3

Photo of Mrs Yardley TA

Mrs Yardley

Works in Y4 Tuesday - Friday mornings 

and bakes with each class in the afternoons 

on a rota basis