Every child and every adult in school is in a school team.  Siblings are generally in the same team.


The teams are:


BEAVERS - 9 Points

Beavers - Mrs Mills, Miss Wood, Miss Farrington, Mrs Carridge, Freddi, Mrs Halliwell


DOLPHINS - 7 Points

Dolphins - Mrs Gray, Mrs Ward, Mrs Clements, Miss Marsden, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Brown


ROBINS - 9 Points

Robins - Miss Watson, Mrs Bullen, Mrs Clayton, Amanda, Mrs Welsh, Mrs Ingram, Mrs Jones, Miss Kennedy, Mrs Yardley, Miss Burke


SQUIRRELS - 5 Points

Squirrels - Mr Wood, Mrs Geldard, Mrs Parkin, Mrs Foden, Mrs Gold, Mrs Eastham, Mrs Anstey, Mr Pilkington



At the start of each year, every team (or house) chooses a boy and a girl from Y6 to be their captains.


This year the captains are:

                                 Beavers - James and Becky      


                  Dolphins - Logan and Maggie

                    Squirrels - Livia and Ellis              

                       Robins - Owen and Zara​



Children earn team points for being helpful, kind, working hard, behaving well ....


Two Y6 children count the points accrued each week from classes Y1 - Y6.


The team with the most merits gains 4 points, then 3 points for 2nd place with the lowest scoring team gaining 1 point.


The team with the most points at the end of each term is allowed to come into school on the last day in non-school uniform.



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