From left: Mr. Wood, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Welsh and Miss Haydock 


Mr. Wood is the class teacher in Year 5, having moved up from Year 3. We are going to be spending another exciting year together! 

Mrs. Gray and Miss Welsh teach in class every Wednesday morning. 

We had two teaching assistants working with us in class. Mrs. Welsh is with us every morning in class. Miss Haydock has now moved to Year 3 until the end of the year. 

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About Y5

Look at the table below to find out what our topics are going to be throughout the year. Children will be experiencing a broad curriculum through these topics and children will be given the opportunity to learn and develop new skills throughout the year. We are all looking forward to getting stuck into a year of exploring and learning together!

Half-term 5

After Easter, we are going to be learning about lego, board games and coding. We are going to be combining the learning from these three areas across a range of different curriculum areas, including maths and literacy. During the half-term, we will be learning about various aspects of computing including coding and we have been kindly donated a number of items that are going to enable us to do this. Discovery Information Solutions have donated a selection of computing and robotics equipment, including:

- 4 x CamJam Edukit #3

- 4 x Raspberry Pi (Model B)

- 1x Kano Computing Kit

The children in Year 5 are going to be building and developing chassis with which to use the computing/ robotics kits - they will draw on their design technology work from Year 4 in order to do this. Hopefully, the children will gain a lot of experience from this unit of work and some of them may even find a hobby for the future!



Physical Education (P.E.)

PE will take place on Monday and Thursday each week. All children need to bring the correct PE kit and girls with long hair should ensure they tie their hair back - see P.E. policy in curriculum pages for further information.


    Click here for the key learning expectations for Year 5 in Mathematics.


    Click here for the key learning expectations for Year 5 in Reading.

    Click here for the key learning expectations for Year 5 in Writing.


Below are links to advice booklets, offereing strategies to support your child in their:

1.  Reading

2.  Spellings / Phonics

3.  Maths​


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